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Yuzu sherbet

This premium sherbet uses juice squeezed from yuzu fruit grown in Kochi, which boasts the highest yuzu production in Japan. Enjoy the crisp fragrance and refreshing sweetness.

Country of sale

Internal Capacity

Net Weight 115 ml
Unit Size(mm) 87(D)×87(D)×40(h)(mm)
Unit Weight 95g
Quantity/Box 16
Box Size(mm) 357(L)×178(W)×87(h)(mm)
Box Weight 1.8kg
Minimum Order 6 boxes
Minimum Order Size (mm) 430(L)×368(W)×270(h)(mm)
Minimum Order Weight 13kg

Table of ingredients

Expiration Date 2 Years
Preservation temperature -18℃ or less
Packing Material Corrugated cardboard
Type Frozen Confection
Ingredients Sugar mixed with high fructose corn syrub, Yuzu juice, Yuzu peel, Glucose, Powder syrup, Stabilizer.
Product Features Kochi Prefecture is known as Japan's leader forYuzu production. This Yuzu sherbet is punctiliously made from locally and traditionally-grown fruit.