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Rice icecream

Rice grown in Kochi Prefecture is steamed until fluffy, and then mixed into milk-based ice cream. The grains of rice give this ice cream a pleasing texture.

Country of sale

Internal Capacity

Net Weight 115ml
Quantity/carton 16
Minimum Order 6 cartons
Unit Size (mm) 87(D)×87(D)×40(h)(mm)
Carton Size (mm) 357(L)×178(W)×87(h)(mm)
Minimum Order Lot Size (mm) 430×368×260(h) (mm)
Unit Weight 90g
Carton Weight 1.7kg
Minimum Order Lot Weight 14kg

Table of ingredients

Expiration Date 2 Years
Preservation temperature -18℃ or less
Packing Material Corrugated cardboard
Type Frozen Confection
Ingredients Milk, Sugar, Fresh cream,Skim milk, Rice, Emulsifier, Stabilizer (thickening polysaccharide).
Product Features This rice ice cream is made from domestic milk and fresh cream mixed with Kochi's fresh cooked rice, giving it a unigue crunchy texture and flavour.