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Yuzu drink

This drink is made entirely from Japanese ingredients with no additives, using only Kochi Yuzu juice and Hokkaido beet sugar. The mild sweetness of the beet sugar brings out the crisp freshness of the yuzu juice to create a refreshing drink that goes down smooth.

Country of sale

Internal Capacity

Net Weight 200ml
Quantity/carton 12
Minimum Order 6 cartons
Unit Size (mm) 74(D)×123(h) (mm)
Carton Size (mm) 333×255×133(h) (mm)
Minimum Order Lot Size (mm) 546×360×444(h) (mm)
Unit Weight 220g
Carton Weight 3.1kg
Minimum Order Lot Weight 20kg

Table of ingredients

Expiration Date 180 days
"Preservation temperature" Normal temperature
Packing Material Corrugated cardboard
Type Soft drink
Product Features The mountaineous region of Kochi is a famous area for the production of Yuzu in Japan. We select the best Yuzu citrus fruit which is the raw material used for manufacturing the drink. This selected yuzu juice from Kochi and beet root sugar from Hokkaido are blended together for this Yuzu drink. This drink is much refreshing than those of honey mixed.
Ingredients Beet sugar, Yuzu juice.