Kochi Ice Co.Ltd


Looking back over 30 years

I posted my resolution on the wall when I got my first 50 square meter factory in Inabu, Nankoku City.

I wrote, "Right now it's a small company, but I will work diligently to make it one that helps my family, my region, Kochi Prefecture, Japan, the World, and God." I wrote another when I transferred my factory to Gohoku from Inabu.

"We will become the beacon of hope of this village."

After 30 years since our establishment, I think about whether we have become a useful company, or if we have become a beacon of hope.
"Not quite yet."
I think we need to become a company that is even more helpful.

I wrote once more, last year: "We will grow with our region, and aim to become a company that lasts 100 years".
Mysteriously, I have a feeling that, if you write your goals on paper, put it on your wall, and look at it every day, it will become a reality.

Words are said to have souls which are often called "Kotodama"; over the past 30 years, I have felt that this is the truth.

I am now 60 years old, and there will come a time in a few years that I will pass the baton on to the next generation and pray that it will continue for 100 years, but what will make everyone happy and create a company that makes one think "I am happy that this company exists" is the knowledge and spirit of each and every one of you.

Thank you for your consideration.


Kochi Ice Co.Ltd

CEO, Fumiya Hamamachi


Company name Kochi Ice Co.Ltd
Representative Fumiya Hamamachi
location 683 Shimoyakawa Otsu,Ino-Cho, Agawa-Gun, Kochi-Ken 781-2332,Japan
TEL (+81)88-850-5288
FAX (+81)88-850-5481
Capital 3,000,000 JPY
Type of Industry Ice cream, Carbonated Drink, and Confectionary
Correspondent Bank Bank of Shikoku, Bank of Kochi, and Bamk of Tkyo-Mitsubishi UJF


1988 After the abolishment of the foodstuffs department, went independent. Continued to participate in product exhibitions under the trade name Tosa Kashimaya.
1993 In order to learn how ice cream is made, trained at a gelato shop in the Kanto area.
1995 With help from manufacturer Toru Matsuoka, opened own factory in Inabu, Nankoku.
Chose the company name Kochi Ice.
2002 Following incorporation, company name changed to Kochi Ice, Co. Ltd.
In December, approached the design firm of Makoto Umebara.
2003 Participated in a Tokyo initiative, supermarket trade shows.
For the first time, annual proceeds break One hundred million yen.
(This was the first time in the 15 years following the company’s founding that annual proceeds exceeded One hundred million yen.)
2004 Moved factory to Gohoku.
2006 Annual proceeds break two hundred million yen.
(It took three years for annual proceeds to go from One hundred million yen to two hundred million yen.)
2007 Annual proceeds break three hundred million yen.
2008 Began expansion overseas (Hong Kong, Singapore).
2017 Through a collaboration with a mire biscuit maker, increase annual proceeds to four hundred million yen.
2018 Thirty years since the company’s founding and ten years since its expansion overseas, the number of employees exceeds 30. Currently exporting to 14 countries.
2019 We are now close to reaching annual proceeds of five hundred million yen, and eventually, the president’s goal of seven hundred million yen.
We hope that we have brought joy to our employees, their families, and the producers, while being recognized by the local community for the value we create.