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Yuzu juice 1L(Pack)

This fruit juice is made from yuzu grown in Kochi Prefecture, which boasts the highest yuzu production in Japan. Our yuzu sherbet and yuzu drinks are all made from this fruit juice. Used as a seasoning, it is perfect for adding flavor to grilled fish, pickled foods, and more. It can also be used to make dressing or ponzu vinegar. For those who dislike sweet, sugary drinks, this juice can be diluted in water to make a refreshing yuzu drink to enjoy.

Country of sale

Internal Capacity

Net Weight 1L
Quantity/carton 6
Minimum Order 2 cartons
Unit Size (mm) 70×125×205(h)(mm)
Carton Size (mm) 333×255×133(h) (mm)
Minimum Order Lot Size (mm) 333×255×266(h) (mm)
Unit Weight 1.25 kg
Carton Weight 7.8 kg
Minimum Order Lot Weight 14kg

Table of ingredients

Expiration Date One year and a half.
"Frozen storage at -18 ° C or below
(Please keep it with a refrigerator after opening a letter)"
Packing Material Corrugated cardboard
Type Flavoring
Product Features Yuzu represents the flavor of Kochi. We pack 100 % pure Yuzu fruit juice in a bottle. The strong aroma and sour taste make your cuisine taste better. You may mix this with plain water or shochu (Japanese alcohol).
Ingredients Yuzu juice.