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Dilution yuzu drink 1L(pack type)

This yuzu drink concentrate is made using only Kochi yuzu juice and Hokkaido beet sugar. The basic recipe is a 1:5 dilution. Dilute 1 part yuzu concentrate in 5 parts water and enjoy.
It is also delicious mixed not only with cold water, but also with hot water, shochu, or soda water, etc.

Country of sale

Internal Capacity

Net Weight 1L
Quantity/carton 6
Minimum Order 2 cartons
Unit Size (mm) 70×125×205(h)(mm)
Carton Size (mm) 333×255×133(h)(mm)
Minimum Order Lot Size (mm) 333×255×266(h) (mm)
Unit Weight 1.1 kg
Carton Weight 6.9 kg
Minimum Order Lot Weight 16kg

Table of ingredients

Expiration Date One year and a half.
"Frozen storage at -18 ° C or below
(Please keep it with a refrigerator after opening a letter)"
Packing Material Corrugated cardboard
Type Concentrated drink
Product Features "Plain water is added into this mixture to make soft drinks. The ratio for mixing is 1:5 ~ 1:8.
Only Yuzu citrus from Kochi and beet root sugar from Hokkaido are blended for this Yuzu drink."
Ingredients Beet sugar, Yuzu juice.