Our ice cream is a "Gochiso" of Japan

—We use the untainted blessings of nature to make ice cream in Kochi, Japan.—

  • お茶


  • ゆず


  • 文旦


Making our ice cream taste good is a matter of fact.
But we’re also particular about using safe and secure ingredients.

  • YUZU


  • OCHA

    OCHA(Japanese Tea)










Bringing the taste of Kochi, and of Japan, to the world

The ingredients used in our ice cream (citrus-type sherbets) are all carefully selected from the rich natural blessings of Japan.
And to ensure that the taste of these ingredients is enjoyed with no alteration, we only use 100% fruit juice, never concentrated.
We also avoid using flavorings and additives.
All this because we want you to savor the tastes of the ingredients unaltered.

Treasuring producers, and promoting regional vitalization.

We go directly to where our ingredients are grown and buy them directly from the producers.
We do this because learning about the people who make the ingredients, and about the environment the ingredients are made in, helps us know if they are safe and secure.
Not to mention, selling ice cream made with these ingredients contributes to the vitalization of the region, which has an abundance of primary industry workers.

Made in one of the most beautiful natural environments in Japan

Kochi is the most forested prefecture in Japan, with woodlands covering nearly 84% of the region.
It also lies along the magnificent Pacific Ocean, and the beautiful rivers flowing into the ocean help make it one of the foremost natural environments in Japan.
The ingredients in our ice cream are grown among this beautiful nature.
Also, our plant is located near the pristine Niyodo River.
According to water quality surveys run by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), the river is so clean that it has been named the River with the Highest Water Quality in Japan five years in a row.
Our ice cream (sherbet) is made using underground water from this river.

  • A place you have to see for yourself

    Kochi is located about an hour and a half away from Tokyo by plane.
    It is on the south side of Shikoku, an island in the southwest of Japan.
    The north side of this prefecture is bordered by the steep Shikoku mountain range, whereas the Pacific Ocean spreads out from the south side, making Kochi a region historically isolated from central areas of Japan.
    However, this factor enabled Kochi to retain its natural beauty, allowing it to grow into an area abundant in primary industry, including the cultivation of citrus fruits.
    Today, Shikoku is connected to mainland Japan by bridge, making it easy for people to come and go as they please.
    We recommend making your way to see the rich natural environment of Kochi at least once.


  • ゆず


    Yuzu is the most widely produced citrus fruit in Japan. Our sherbet is made from the yuzu grown in the Gohoku region of the town of Ino, which have a uniquely invigorating acidity and a strong fragrance. Enjoy the refreshing taste of yuzu.

  • 文旦


    Sun-dried salt made in the town of Kuroshio with only the powers of the sun and the wind is used. This sherbet is blue like the ocean of Tosa, and has a gentle sweet flavor that is followed by faint salty and rich tastes.

  • 天日塩

    Natural Salt

    Kochi prefecture is also well-known in Japan for its tea. This ice cream is made with the hand-picked tea leaves of Niyodogawa, a town that profits from making tea. The refreshing tea fragrance will spread throughout your mouth.

  • お茶

    Grean Tea

    Made with Green Tea from Niyodogawa Town, Kochi Prefecture
    Ice cream made with aromatic tea leaves hand-picked in the mountains of Niyodogawa Town.

  • ぽんかん


    A high-grade citrus fruit of Kochi and a representative product of the prefecture. It is closely related to grapefruit, and is characterized by its refined acidity and faint bittersweet flavor. Our sherbet is full of this fruit and its pulp.

  • その他